Mobile-to-browser live photo sharing app with chat and voting — no special app dependency and No registration required to view your photos.
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Instant photo sharing using glimpix app

Live Photo Sharing App

Glimpix is a photo stream sharing app for Android and iOS/iPhone mobile phones. With this great app you can broadcase photos live with a group of people (e.g. family, friends and co-workers facebook friends) or individuals. No registration is needed from either the person who shares the picture or the viewer. After capturing a photo using the Glimpix app on your phone, it will appear almost instantly in the viewer's mobile or desktop/laptop browser.

The Easiest Way to Share Photos!

Glimpix is easy to use, useful and fun. Even your grandmother can use it! You create an online photo stream, or select an existing album. In the next step, you share the album's URL with friends using either SMS (via the native SMS app, not sent automatically) , email, Facebook, Twitter or copy paste it to any place you want the link to be shared. Once people view the online photostream page, you can start broadcasting live images and they will be able to view your photos at the very moment you capture the pictures.

Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down Voting Feedback

image thumbs up and downWhen you share a picture, any person who views your photo has the option to vote for it with a thumbs up or thumbs down selection. You can use this feedback and useful positive and negative voting to help others or help you out while, for example, shopping for new clothes, picking up the right item that your mom asked you to buy in the grocery store, and so on.

Glimpix Use Cases

Glimpix was designed for instantaneous, on-the-spot sharing of special moments as they happen with friends and family — Let me give you a few "story-like" examples:

  • exhibition booth
    Sharing live photos from an exhibition with my loyal website fans
  • funny cat
    It's a sunny day and truffles (my cat) is having fun!
  • young woman on the beach summer vacation
    Hey guys, me and Adrian arrived in Hawaii yesterday, here's a photo of me at the beach
  • businessman repairing car roadside
    Can you believe that Harry is changing a wheel? - first time this happens LOL :)
  • sunset
    WOW What a view, you have to see this!
  • two women shopping in clothes store
    Hey mike, just sent you a photo of two shirts, which one should I buy?

While talking with friends, launch Glimpix and share photo with them instantly, they don't have to be logged in, neither do you.

Glimpix - Free, Easy-to-use, Live and Secure photo album that doesn't require any registration.

Private Image Sharing without Registration

Glimpix is NOT an online image storage/backup service. It is designed to share spontaneous moments and images that are volatile to protect your privacy even further. When the viewer explicitly refreshes the photo gallery page, images are removed. Photos can be downloaded and saved locally while they are visible. Furthermore, images are automatically deleted from the server after 24 hours. Glimpix is a private and secure image sharing solution.

Adding to that, the URL of the album contains a long unique identification string that is very hard to duplicate. Only those people to whom you send the photo album link are able to view your photos online (read our privacy page for more information). You can also enable a short URL (not secure) option for public sharing.

A fast, secure, easy-to-use photo sharing app is what you are looking for? — Glimpix is the right app for you, and best of all, it's FREE!.

Great Tool to Promote Your Business!

promote your business

Glimpix is also a very productive and useful tool for your business. You can the live online gallery link with your website visitors, and stream live photos from an event. It can be an important exhibition, photos of an apartment for rental or sale for remote potential buyers, to promote an event for people whom are not present at the place, etc.

You can create an album and share the link on your business website and share photos as people are viewing the album in real-time (you can view how many people are viewing the photo stream in the app).

Share Photos Live from your Phone to any mobile device or desktop browser!
photo album viewed on mobile phone and tablet
Multilanguage photo sharing app displayed on three phones

Multilanguage Support 照片共享应用程序

The Glimpix photo-sharing app is available in 20 languages, including English, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Russian Turkish, Italian and Thai. It also has right-to-left support for Arabic and Hebrew languages for easy reading. Both Glimpix app and the browser viewier UI can be translated to your preferred language.

Share First, Shoot After

Unlike some other camera apps and online photo sharing services where you take photos and then decide which friend you want to share your photos with. In Glimpix you'll be sending a link to the photo album gallery first. Then, when someone is viewing the album's page, you can start capturing some great shots. Once you frame your shot and give it a name, it will appear on the viewer's album page.

App Servers Status: Running

group of people jumping